Archduke Luis Salvador described it as "a house with a very simple façade, with two windows crowned by three beautiful arches." Today, the remnants of the medieval architecture from the early 16th century leave us with one of the most unique palaces in the city of Palma de Mallorca.



Súmmum Prime Boutique Hotel

Built in 1570, the Can Berga-Ladària Palace is located in what was once the ancient Sitjar neighborhood. This urban demarcation already existed in the Muslim era and was part of the Madina Mayurqa. This ancient Gothic house stands on Concepción Street, between Las Ramblas and Jaime III Avenue, in the historic center of Palma. This area known as the 'Mallorcan golden mile' brings the hotel closer to the most famous shopping area in the city, as well as numerous art galleries and Mallorcan patios that blend local culture with the international.

Although it was built in 1570, in 1874 the family living in it made a renovation. Large windows let in natural light, high ceilings, wooden beams, and in the majestic Parietti Suite, a large and beautiful fresco by the painter Francesc Parietti adorns its ceiling, which was renovated by specialized restorers in painting and knowledgeable about the painter's work.


A city with a lot of history

The city of Palma was officially founded as a Roman foundation in 123 BC. In 902 AD the Balearic Islands were incorporated into the Umayyad emirate of Córdoba, and the island became known as "Madina Mayurqa." During this period, the city's urban layout was defined as it is today. And it was not until 1229 that King James I's troops conquered Mallorca, and it became the "Kingdom of Mallorca." At that moment, the foundations of today's Mallorcan society were laid: religion, culture, institutions, customs, language.


The palace converted into a boutique hotel

The journey of the ancient Gothic palace came to an end in 1874 when the current construction was born, passing into the hands of the Vidal family well into the 20th century. Today, an imposing lintelled portal leads to the large cobbled courtyard where Súmmum Prime Boutique Hotel begins. In 2017, the hotel was renovated in a avant-garde style but maintaining the essence of the palace that it once was.